Monday, October 18, 2010

Scoreless Music Suite wins at regional awards ceremony

The Scoreless Music Suite (comprising CHORDiCA and other music related apps) were winners at the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance 2010 awards in the New Media and Entertainment category.

"It's definitely a great honour to be recognised by judges in the region, beyond just the shores of Singapore,' said Joash. "If anything, I am more fired up than ever before to deliver my vision for Scoreless Music, which is to bring music to the lives of everyone in the world through innovative use of technology."

Joash also announced that he is putting the finishing touches on his new musical instrument, CHORDiCA Touch, and it is about to be submitted to the App Store. For a sneak peak at how CHORDiCA Touch works, check out this YouTube video to see a demo of the rhythm part of the app.

And if you haven't pick up your copy of the CHORDiCA app for free yet, you should hurry. It will revert to being a paid app soon.

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