Thursday, October 14, 2010

Roundup: Mac OS update in the works, Apple closes above US$300 and breaks 10% marketshare in the US

* Apple is holding an event on Oct 20 at the company's campus in Cupertino. The invite simply says "Back to the Mac" and has a lion visible behind the logo. Since Apple tends to name major Mac OS updates after big cats, it seems safe to assume that the event will see an unveiling of Mac OS 10.7 (the current version, 10.6, being Snow Leopard). Macrumors also suggests that Apple's notebook line is due for a refresh.

* For the first time, Apple stock closed above US$$300. To be precise, it closed at US$300.14. This means that Apple is now worth US$274.3 billion, which is US$55.1 billion more than Microsoft. MacDailyNews has a comparision of valuations between Apple and other well-known brands.

* Apple's market share in the US is now above 10 per cent according to both Gartner and IDC. Gartner puts Apple's share as 10.4 percent while IDC puts it at 10.6 percent. According to Gartner, Apple is now the fourth biggest PC manufacturer in the US, behind Dell, HP and Acer. IDC puts Apple in third place, ahead of Acer. Appleinsider has the details.

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