Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NTU Bus gives bus arrival times in NTU

A new app, NTU Bus, helps undergraduates at the sprawling NTU campus find out when the various shuttle buses will arrive.

The free app has the following features:

- List of all bus stops for each shuttle bus route
- Allow users to check the arrival time for a specific bus
- Allow users to check nearest 5 bus stops
- Allow users to add favorite bus stops
- Live maps showing current bus locations
- Shows the photo of each bus stop

NTU Bus is free. You can download it here. This is the second app to provide bus arrival times for NTU. The first was Traversity.

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Han Xiaogang said...

Compared with these two app, my webapp (for iphone) http://ntubus.appspot.com looks ugly.

jer said...

it ain't that bad actually. like what you've done with it. :)