Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Apple posts US$20.3b in revenue, ships 14.1m iPhones

Apple just reported another amazing quarter.

Revenue: $20.34 billion vs $12.21 billion a year ago
Net quarterly profit: $4.31 billion vs $2.53 billion
EPS: $4.64 per diluted share vs $2.77

Macs sold: 3.89 million, a 27 percent unit increase
iPhones sold: 14.1 million, a 91 percent unit growth
iPods sold: 9.05 million, an 11 percent unit
iPads sold: 4.19 million iPads

Macworld has a nice summary and graphs.

To celebrate Apple's first US$20 billion quarter, Steve Jobs was on the earnings call. MacDailyNews has a live blog of the call. During the call, Jobs "lashed out" (Macworld) at RIM, Android and tablets. According to Jobs, RIM has to be a software platform but can't be, Android is too fragmented and 7-inch tablets are the wrong size.

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