Thursday, September 30, 2010

SingTel is Singapore's worst. And best.

In an interesting turn of events, SingTel is currently leading the poll as the worst carrier for iPhone users by a pretty wide margin. However, people are also saying that SingTel has the best and most reliable broadband speeds.

So far, some 56 percent of voters on SG Polls believe that SingTel is Singapore's worst carrier. Only 13 percent of users voted for M1, putting it in distant second place. StarHub, on the other hand, has 11 percent of the vote. A democratic 19 percent believe that all three carriers are crap. In total, some 114 votes have been cast in the last 24 hours.

However, SingTel is doing much better in the poll "Which telco has the best and most reliable broadband speed?" In this poll, 44 percent of voters say SingTel is the best, while 30 percent voted for StarHub and 7 percent for M1. A total of 96 votes have been cast in the last 17 hours.

The app SG Polls is also throwing up interesting data about other issues. Somewhat amazingly, 18 percent of people actually find the Train is Coming jingle by the Dim Sum Dollies to be entertaining. Only 63 percent of people find it annoying. How is this possible? Are 18 percent of people in Singapore hard of hearing?

Download the free app SG Polls here.

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pinto said...

I prefer Train is Coming to last year's awful A Happy Journey Starts Like That (by our yellow-booted PCK - surely he doesn't take the MRT). I may be biased because they played the PCK jingle during the Circle Line Open House. On maximum volume. On loop.

Jimmy Yap said...

When you put it like that, I can see why the Dim Sum Dollies might be preferable!

Therese said...

Dear Jimmy, as much as I adore you, I cannot agree with you about Dim Sum Dollies: they are absolutely delightful and Selena Tan is a model for all plus sized women.

People like that can't make mistakes in my eyes.

Ian Low said...

all 3 telcos are not that good either ... singtel is prob the best of the worst

ilcourtilcourt said...

No-one can get any data from this poll except that 56 percent of people *who used* the app think Singtel is worse.
Well guess what Singtel has probably 56% of the iphone market.

Any proper poll would be asking:
1/What is your Telco
2/How do you rate it

and then the result would be that they are all bad

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