Thursday, September 9, 2010

New iPod touch reviewed, compared with iPhone 4

Reviews are popping up all over the web about the new iPod touch and the device has also been torn down by iFixit. As a result, we now know a little more about this device.

Apart from the lack of the phone functionality, here's how the new iPod touch is different from the iPhone 4:

1) It's thinner (7.3 mm vs 9.2 mm)
2) It's lighter (101 g vs 137 g)
2) There is a 64GB option whereas the iPhone 4 only goes up to 32GB.
3) It has 256MB of RAM compared to the iPhone 4's 512MB.
4) The rear camera delivers photos at 960 by 720  resolution (just under 0.7MP), compared to the 5MP shooter on the iPhone
5) No flash
6) No GPS

Click here to see the specs of the new iPod touch.

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