Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New app allows iPhone users to vote on the burning issues of the day

The good news for SingTel is that is has taken an early lead. The bad news is that it is leading a poll for worst carrier for iPhone users.

This is according to a new app SG Polls. So far, some 58 percent of voters have chosen SingTel as the worst carrier, compared with 17 percent for StarHub. Amazingly, no one has voted for M1 as worst carrier. Yet.

Of course, the numbers are less impressive when you consider that only 12 votes have been cast so far. However, you can change this. Download SG Poll and vote today. Every vote counts! (And they count only once. The app prevents you from voting multiple times.)

You can also vote on whether school children are under too much pressure, whether PRs should be allowed to buy HDB flats and whether Singapore should have more cycle paths. If you think there are more pressing questions to ask, you can also suggest them to the developer within the app.

SG Polls is free. Download it here.

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honcheng said...

There is support for iPad as well. Looks better in iPad

tiger4™ said...

No vote for M1? Is it because they can't even download the app using M1 network. MUHAHAH

{} said...

LOL!! Good One tiger4!! Was very tickled by your comment!! ;)