Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Local iPhone Photography Exhibition Coming Up

Local iPhone photographer Chia Aik Beng will be holding an exhibition of his photographs at the Red Dot Design Museum on Oct 2 and 3.

The show, entitled four80bythree20, will have 80 pieces that feature his photographs. All pictures were taken with his iPhone and processed with apps on his iPhone as well.

Aik Beng is an up and coming iPhone photographer based in Singapore. His works were part of the EYE'EM exhibition in Berlin earlier this year as well as MMS Gallery in Philadelphia in July. He was put under the spotlight by well-known iPhone street photographer Greg Schmigel in his blog Just What I See. He was also July's featured artist on the online gallery Pixels At An Exhibition. His photos can be seen on Flickr and he has a Facebook page called World Through My i.

Aik Beng, a graphic designer by training, is one of a group of photographers in Singapore who are actively engaging in iPhone photography, or iPhoneography. iPhone photography celebrates the limits and possibilities of the iPhone as a tool for artists. All shots have to be done using the iPhone and any processing of the image has to be done using iPhone apps rather than full-fledged desktop applications like Photoshop. For more examples of this new art form, check out iPhone Photography, a Facebook page run by Ivan Kuek that regularly spotlights local iPhone photographers.

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ghoonk said...

the awesomeness of the bengster! wish i was back in sg for this!

alamaknasi said...

Now then you know! The Bengster is good!