Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Foound described as "Foursquare of the future" after DEMO launch

Local start-up Foound has made a minor splash at the DEMO conference in Santa Clara, California.

The company launched its app in the US earlier today at the conference and it garnered a nice write up by CNET's Rafe Needleman. In a piece headlined 'Foound launches Foursquare of the future", Needleman wrote: "Amid a morning full of demos of highly functional products, this one seemed to be actually fun, in addition to being in a hot and potentially profitable market."

He described the app as "visually simple, and unencumbered with silly frills" but noted that it would face stiff competition from Facebook.

Foound evangelist Lichi Wu tweeted after the presentation that "We killed it on stage." Click here to see their DEMO presentation which explains clearly what Foound does and how it works.

Foound recently announced that it raised US$500,000 from Neoteny Labs, East Ventures, Singapore’s National Research Foundation (NRF), and a Singapore Angel Investor. Joichi Ito of Neoteny Labs will join Foound’s board of directors while Batara Eto of East Ventures will join Foound’s advisory
board. Joichi is an early investor and board member of Twitter, while Batara was co-founder and CTO of Mixi Inc., Japan’s largest social network.

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