Monday, September 13, 2010

Flurry accounts not private?

The people behind Omnitoons, Handstand, Global Refund and Wikinvest are very lucky that Muh Hon Cheng is an honest man.

For the last two months, he has been given what looks like accidental access to the Flurry accounts of these four companies.

Hon Cheng, who is responsible for many apps including SG Buses, SG NextBus and buUuk, logs on to Flurry every day to check how his apps are doing. On at least five occasions, he has been presented with the front page for the Flurry accounts of these other companies.

It is not clear what information is actually available though. According to Hon Cheng, app information can't be accessed but "I didn't try hard enough to look at what else I could get."

Hon Cheng is not sure if the fault belongs to Flurry or SingTel. "We have experienced a lot of issue with some apps where data is being cached by a proxy (and we think that's SingTel), so when we make changes to the server, it still loads old data until a few hours or days later.

"I think even the AppStore is affected by this, where if you click on a URL that launches AppStore, sometimes it doesn't display the iPhone version of the app page, but displays a desktop browser version on AppStore, or displays HTML coding in the AppStore.

"If it is related, it's just that the same URL was cached by SingTel, so it returns the account of someone else."


Mugunth Kumar said...

Dont' think it's a singtel issue. Only one company mentioned here is a singapore company. that eliminates the possibility of another local account cached by singtel proxies.

Jimmy Yap said...

Interesting, though at least two companies have a Singapore connection: Omnitoons is local and doesn't Willson of Xsago do work for Global Refund?