Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Caltex Station Locator makes it easy to locate Caltex Stations, duh.

Did you know that the Caltex station at East Coast Road has a pet store? I didn't. I only found out while mucking around with the free Caltex Station Locator. This app does as its name suggests; if you are looking for a Caltex station, this app will help you find it.

You can search for stations near you, or look for a station that has the fuel type you are looking, whether it is the Platinum 98, Premium 95, Regular 92 or diesel.

It will also allow you to search by amenities, whether it is an iNETS kiosk, a convenience store, an OCBC ATM or an Old Chang Kee outlet (or a pet store). Most importantly, it will help you locate stations with the "5-star Refreshrooms."

You can also use this app in New Zealand, Hong Kong and Thailand.

You can download the free Caltex Station Locator here.

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