Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Update to SG Buses, NextBus will fix arrival times

Bus arrival times have stopped working on SG Buses and SG NextBus but their developer, Muh Hon Cheng, has already submitted updates to Apple to fix the problem.

Hon Cheng believes that the bus times stopped working because he was grabbing the data from a URL which was discontinued without warning.

"I have just send out three updates to fix this for SG Next Bus, SG Buses (old, and V3)," said Hon Cheng. "I think it may take Apple around eight to 10 days for approval."

He has pulled these apps from the App Store until Apple approves the update.

Update: The change has also affected gothere's app as well as bus@sg. Currently, tranSGuide's bus arrival time is still working.

(Thanks to sh2sg for the tip-off!)

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sh2sg said...

almost all of these iphone/android/winmo bus apps (, SG buses, ...) are querying 3rd party API from to get bus times. one die, all die. said...

Hi, we have updated our main website with a new set of coding for bus arrival timing. We will also be updating our mobile application with a new set of coding to provide bus arrival timing.