Saturday, August 14, 2010

Round-up: Security fix for jailbroken iPhones, Rage at 60fps, Liquidmetal as antenna and the Eye of the Tiger

Security fix for jailbroken iPhones. Apple's latest iOS update patches newer iOS devices and plugs the major security hole that also enables to work. Unfortunately, the patch leaves out older devices. If you have an older iOS device, or if you have a new iOS device that you would like both jailbroken and secure, there is a patch called PDF Patch on Cydia. Read all about on the Dev-Team's blog.

Rage at 60fps. At QuakeCon, John Carmack of id showed off a demo of Rage running at 60 frames per second on an iPhone 4. MacRumors has a nice video of it running.

Liquidmetal may be used as antenna. The co-inventor of the metal alloy marketed as Liquidmetal says that Apple would be able to use the alloy as an antenna. Cult of Mac has the exclusive interview with Dr Atakan Peker. Earlier this week, Apple made headlines when it obtained the worldwide exclusive rights to use the Liquidmetal's IP in consumer electronics. Check out this cool video demonstrating one of the properties of the alloy.

Eye of the Tiger, on the iPad. If you need to get all pumped up, you need to watch this cover of Survivor's Eye of the Tiger being played using iPad apps.

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