Saturday, August 14, 2010

Opinion: Living a #singtel3gfail life

In the last few weeks, I've had the dubious pleasure of learning what it's like to be an iPhone user in New York, without having to leave these shores.

Since upgrading to iOS 4.0 on my 3GS, I've been plagued with dropped calls, poor call quality (where the other party hears my voice breaking up), and an inability to connect to the network (it starts 'searching' and takes several minutes to lock on).

Yesterday morning, it happened while I was travelling from Jurong East MRT Station and heading east. On the platform at Jurong East Station, my wife called but the call failed within 30 seconds. On the train (note: aboveground), it had problems finding the network. At Buona Vista station, I attempt to call again and after a minute, the call fails again.

This happens to me all the time. Once, while standing in the same spot inside Sim Lim Square, the call to the same person dropped four times.

The problem also happens when I'm stationary. I can be sitting at the dining room table using my iPhone and the call drops. Note that all these problems happen even when the signal shows three or four bars.

I don't know if this is because of the phone, the iOS update or the network. I do know though, that I'm not alone. Other people are reporting a problem since upgrading to iOS.

Pinto, an iMerlion reader, says he has the same problem, even though he is on StarHub (using a 3GS on iOS4). "I have been getting frequent dropped calls ever since moving to iOS 4. Upgrading to iOS 4.0.1 didn't help it nor made it worse," he says. "(I) still experience dropped calls on a regular basis. And I was on a headset and sitting at my desk for most of those calls, so I wasn't moving nor touching my phone.

"Also, people often can't call me - they get a busy message. I don't know they've called until StarHub sends me an SMS saying I have a missed call.

"Dropped calls and failing to get through to my phone hardly happened on the previous OS."

Another iMerlion reader, Susan Lee, says she now sees the "No Network" message on her phone, unlike before. "Before upgrading to 4.0.1 I had never experienced 'No Network'", she says. She's even seen the No Network message while her husband, next to her, has a full strong network on his Sony Ericsson phone. (Both of them are on M1).

(Susan also has a remarkable story to tell about the night she upgraded to iOS 4. At 4.30am, she received an SMS welcoming her to a Malaysian network. Note that she lives in Upper Thomson, nowhere near Johore Baru.)

Since the problem has been reported on all three networks, it appears that there is no escape. I'm just hoping that these problems go away with the iPhone 4.

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honcheng said...

No it doesn't go away with iPhone 4 :p

Avin said...

I'm an iPhone 3G user and since I upgraded to iOS 4, I have been experiencing quite a bit of what you mentioned above, eg: loss of signals, "searching", "no service" without apparent reason. Worse still, the GPS showed that I was in CCK when in fact, I was in Woodlands!
Apps with location services take like forever to start up too (sometimes just crash). Any 3G users experiencing the same thing?

Jimmy Yap said...

@honcheng. That's bad news :-(

Mousehunt said...

I am facing this problem too. Maybe it is time to move to Android.

Silverthorn said...

Me too, I am facing the same issue and I thott I was alone!