Tuesday, August 3, 2010

M1 starting to fulfill post-launch iPhone orders

Update: We are hearing from a number of sources that the 32GB iPhone 4s are out of stock in M1. 

M1 customers who reserved an iPhone online but failed to get it during the launch weekend are starting to get emails from the carrier inviting them to pick up their set.

iMerlion readers are alerting us that M1 started sending out the emails yesterday telling people that their set is now available for collection from any of the seven M1 shops and retailers that carry it.

(Thanks to Junwei and Sidwyn for the heads-up!)
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1 comment:

Agrud said...

Guys, any news if Apple Singapore is shipping any of its web orders. Coz a friend told me they have about a thousand phones that they are going to ship first.

And that the first Sale receipt # 7143598001

Apple Singapore sold 12,854 phones in the first hour, between 5pm and 6pm on Friday.

If anyone has received their phone please keep us posted.