Tuesday, August 10, 2010

iPhone 4 users now making up close to 50% of local app usage

Thanks to a chronic shortage of the device, there may not be many iPhone 4 users in Singapore. However, that is not stopping these users from punching above their weight.

In SG NextBus, a popular app that provides bus arrival times, 47 per cent of user sessions in the last seven days were from iPhone 4 users, according to developer Muh Hon Cheng.

He has another app, a bus guide called SG Buses, where iPhone 4 users make up 50 per cent of total sessions. Hon Cheng, however, believes that the usage on SG NextBus is more representative because a new version of his bus guide was only recently released and thus might have included people just trying out the app, as opposed to using it.

The over-representation of iPhone 4 users is also seen in the iMerlion app. In the last seven days, 34.3 per cent of users sessions came from iPhone 4 users.

All these numbers are from Flurry, an analytics firm that tracks app usage within apps.

Hon Cheng believes that iPhone 4 users are over-represented now because they've just gotten their phones and are trying out the apps. "That skews the figures," he said.

While there is something in that, I also believe that iPhone 4 users are over-represented because they are  likely to use their phones differently from other iPhone users. iPhone 4 users are more likely to be savvy users and they are more likely to know about, and use, an app like SG NextBus compared to general iPhone users.

What do you think? Do you believe iPhone 4 users are more savvy users compared to people who own older iPhones? Sound off in the comments.

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