Thursday, July 22, 2010

Which carrier for your iPad's 3G data? A comparison of post-paid plans

If you're in the market for a post-paid plan for your 3G iPad, SingTel currently has the cheapest option for unlimited data. You have to sign up for a two-year contract but you pay $30.50 a month for up to 50GB of data, which is pretty much unlimited. StarHub has the most expensive unlimited plan at the moment at $43.66 a month, but this is expected to change now that both SingTel and M1 have showed their cards.

The cheapest post-paid plan is M1's Data Lite plan which is $21.40 a month, but you only get 3GB of data. If you exceed this, the maximum you will pay is $51.36.

A comparison of the existing plans is below:

Post-paid monthly subscription plans for unlimited data

StarHub, 24-month contract: $43.66
SingTel, 24-month contract: $30.50 (50GB)
SingTel, no contract: $34.50 (50GB)
M1, no contract: $39.48

(SingTel's plans are compared here because at 50GB, they are pretty much unlimited.)

Post-paid monthly subscription plans with data cap

M1, no contract: $21.40 (3GB), usage cost cap is $51.36

Pre-paid plans

StarHub: $32 for 60 days of usage up to 2GB
SingTel: $12.60 for 3 days of usage, unlimited data
M1: $20 for 30 days of usage up to 1GB

Of course, the absolute cheapest option is to get on a multi-SIM plan with the carriers now, cut your SIM card down to micro-SIM size and pay about $10 a month to share your data usage with your iPhone. This involves some skill, or knowing someone with a SIM cutter. No news about whether the carriers will offer a multi-SIM option with the iPhone 4, which uses also uses a micro-SIM.

Note: All prices are accurate as of 9.30am, July 22. Please check the iMerlion website for updated prices.

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Teh said...

can we just use our mobile data plan instead of signing up a new plan just for ipad?

will the telco give us a mirco sim (at extra cost of course) so that we can use it whenever needed (from our mobile data plan?

most time will use wifi anyway...

any clue?

bentanhl said...

Does M1 or StarHub offer multi-sim? I know Singtel has it but like you said I am not sure if Singtel will offer a micro-sim as the 2nd sim card.

Prometheus said...

Checked with Singtel already. Please see the following for details

We refer to your email of 13 July 2010 regarding Muti-SIM cards service.

Notwithstanding, we would like to inform you that Micro SIM is not supported for the Multi-SIM service. However, if you wish to take up the Micro SIM card, you can subscribe for the Micro SIM Card Plans (Data plan only).

Should you need futher assistance or information, do call our Customer Care Hotline at 1688 or +65 62351688 from overseas (IDD is payable).

Jimmy Yap said...

@prometheus Can I find out when you got that email from SingTel? Because they now have micro SIMs as part of the multi-SIM package.