Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Update to Taxi Booking app available

An update to Comfort Delgro's Taxi Booking app is now available in the App Store. Thankfully, the locate function seems to work and it no longer believes that I am in Toa Payoh all the time. (Thanks to Derrick for the tip-off!)

However, in order to get this to work properly, location services has to be turned on in Settings/General/Location Services. For some reason, this is turned off by default in this app.

According to Hiew Wee Soon, the founder and director of Maven Lab, the app's developer, the new version fixes the following problems:

Crash when clicking on login
Cause: Apple became stricter about objective-c rule in iOS4. "Apparently there is a part of the code that doesn't really follow the objective-c convention/rule, but it was still working in the iOS 3," according to Wee Soon.

Crash when editing text field on booking and favourite screen
Cause: Some array calculations in iOS 4 pointed to parts of the code that do character limitation to nil values.

Pickup / booking time doesn't show up
Cause: Apple put a stricter NSDateFormatter in iOS4.

I have not yet heard if the new fix will address the other problems, namely the greyed out Next button and the mysterious bookings. We'll have to wait to see if these problems return. Oddly, fast app switching is still not available in this app. If you leave the app at any time, you never return to the screen you were last at.

According to Wee Soon, they are now working on version 2 of the app which he promises will be "more intelligent, friendly and easy to use."

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