Thursday, July 22, 2010

StarHub's iPad pricing plans trickle out

You won't find it on the StarHub website (or at least I couldn't find it), but StarHub apparently has a single iPad specific plan. For $32, you get to use up to 2GB of data for 60 days. Both Today and My Paper refer to this mysterious pre-paid plan.

StarHub already has a post-paid plan that offers the micro-SIM, the MaxMobile Ultimate, which is normally $72.76 a month. However, it is currently available on promotion at $43.66 a month, but on a 24-month contract. StarHub intends to offer more iPad specific plans according to Today.

SingTel and M1 have already rolled out iPad specific post-paid plans. SingTel's two post-paid plans are both aimed at heavy data users.

The plan without contract costs $34.50 a month. The one with the 24-month contract costs $30.50 a month. Both plans allow up to 50GB of data a month. The cap on excess is $94.16.

SingTel also offers a prepaid plan that costs $12.60 for three days of unlimited data usage. (The full plans are here.)

In contrast, M1 is offering two post-paid data plans, Data Lite and Data Unlimited.

Date Lite's monthly subscription is $21.40 for 3GB of data, capped at $51.36 while Data Unlimited's monthly subscription is $39.48 with no cap on data.

Both plans come with no contract which means you can cancel them any time.

M1 is also offering a $20 pre-paid plan for 1GB of data or 30 days. Click here for M1's plans.

(Note: All prices are correct as of 9.30am, July 22. In the event of a price war, these prices will change. Please check the iMerlion website for the latest prices.)

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