Wednesday, July 28, 2010

SingTel offering waiver of $300 top-up charge for early upgraders

If you're already have an iPhone plan with SingTel, the carrier is doing its best to hang on to you. It is sending an email to existing iPhone owners and offering to waive the $300 top-up charge if they upgrade early to the iPhone 4 with SingTel. This offer appears only to be available for the $95 a month and $205 a month plan. Some people are receiving this email with a note saying that the waiver would only be given to  those who upgrade to a $95 a month or $205 a month plan. Other people have received this email without that condition.

Thanks to @yjsoon and @honcheng for the tip-offs!

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Lim Thye Chean said...

What is top-up charge?

This just mean:

1) reducing the termination fee?

2) not paying the termination fee (as it might be lesser than "top up charge")?

3) not paying termination fee and got $300 cheaper on iPhone 4?

Jimmy Yap said...

good question. Not sure what it means.

Benjamin said...

The top-up charge is for people who have more than 12mths but less than 21mths left in their contract, otherwise known as CI1.
Operators normally charge an additional $100 above the advertised price of a handset for CI1 customers, but for those who bought the iPhone3GS last year and who fall into the CI1 category, the top up charge is $300 because the phone was highly subsidized.

bookofjames said...

there are 2 different emails:
1) those who are currently on iFlexi Lite ($39 plan) or iFlexi Value ($56 plan) will be offered to waive the $300 only if they upgrade to iFlexi Plus($95) or Premium ($205).
2) those who are already on iFlexi Plus ($95) or Premium ($205) will have the $300 waived directly - no conditions.

Lim Thye Chean said...

I asked. It just mean I can upgrade now without paying anything. But I have to go to a more expensive plan.

Since I already have a non-contract line, I think I will reserved that for an iPhone 5.

discoburg said...

Some others who are on the same $50+ plan and same number of months of ST are offered the waiver whereas some are not. Asked for an answer and they say those are the lucky ones. What a load of crap from Stinktel.