Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SingTel will offer exclusive app for SingTel Mobile subscribers

In an effort to differentiate itself from the competition, SingTel is planning to offer an iPhone app that only SingTel mobile subscribers can access.

Called Price Pal, this app will provide product information, user reviews and prices once a user scans the product's barcode or does a text search. The app will start with books, groceries and petrol. Price Pal is not in the App Store yet, so I don't know how SingTel will ensure that only SingTel Mobile customers can access it.

While Price Pal is not yet available, two other apps by SingTel are. Property Buddy is a free app that lets you search for places for sold, rented, selling and renting prices. You can also search by residence type, district and price range. You can monitor your favourite properties and get promotional information from developers and housing agents. There is also an augmented reality function that you can use instead of looking at a list.

The other app, Go! Shoppingprovides you with maps of the major malls in Singapore. With this app, you can search for shops, get from one shop to another anywhere within a mall (useful in Vivocity I'm sure), and create a list of favourite malls or shops for future reference. 

(For those interested, the full press release is here.)

The last few days has also seen a raft of new apps being released. Here's a quick round-up of what's new in the App Store.

This is a free app to help you celebrate National Day. It will help you locate NDP events and update you when new events are added. It also has an augmented reality feature to help you see what events are taking place or going to take place around you.

A free app that tells you shows you what's nearby. Apart from the usual suspects like ATMs, petrol stations and fast food restaurants, this app also tells you when buses are arriving at nearby bus stops and what the car park rates are at nearby car parks.

KE Trade Mobile
Brokers Kim Eng have removed their earlier iPhone app and replaced it with this one. Free.

This is an app made for people who wait for the bus and want to sound like pirates. BusArrTime will tell you when a bus is coming at a particular bus stop. Information is obtained from SBS Transit. Free.

What's Your Number
This app by Prudential is a retirement calculator that will tell you how much you need when you retire based on your personal situation. This app is optimised for retirement planning in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Adjustable variables include inflation rate, pension balance, savings and investments, family size, property ownership, retirement lifestyles and years of retirement.

(Thanks to Victor, Archun and Juvena for the tip-offs!)

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