Monday, July 26, 2010

SIM cutter at work

How do SIM cutters work? Here are some photos courtesy of @honcheng.

A normal SIM card, awaiting its fate.

Carefully positioned in the stapler-like device.

Voila! Smaller, shorter and cut.

Signing up for a multi-SIM plan is one way to use the same data package on your iPad and your upcoming iPhone 4. This saves you from having to get a separate data package for your iPad.

Obviously, the carriers do not recommend cutting your SIM card. Note that if you don't cut it properly, it won't work and you'll have to buy a replacement SIM card. 

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Chris said...

Where can I go to get this service? I don't want to get the tool just to cut my SIM card once. And I don't want to pay so much that I can get the tool for myself if I need to do it twice.

Victor said...

You don't need this cutter. You just need a strong pair of scissors. Cut only the plastic parts, don't cut the metal parts.

Bottom Line: Don't pay for this cutter or "service".

honcheng said...

Those are photos from me.
I leave the cutter in buUuk office. You can come and get your sim cut there if you want. I'm not going to charge u. Haha

Qiao Ling said...

@honcheng Where did you get the cutter? I want to borrow yours!!!

Derek Zhao aka Rek said...

@hongcheng: where can we borrow that cutter of yours? can i borrow to cut of or 2 of my sim cards pls?