Monday, July 12, 2010

Review: Comfort Delgro's Taxi Booking app is badly broken

Comfort's Taxi Booking app perpetually locates me in Toa Payoh.

I give up. I've tried my best to like Comfort Delgro's Taxi Booking app but I can't do it anymore. I think Comfort Delgro's Taxi Booking app is badly broken and Comfort needs to fix it.

I came to this conclusion during the spell of rainy weather Singapore experienced recently. On numerous occasions, I desperately tried to use the app (on a 3GS running iOS4), and about half the time, it would fail. How? Let me count the ways.

Next is not an option. Normally, when you pick an address from favourites, the app allows you to just hit the 'Next' button in the booking form. During peak hours, the 'Next' button would, more often than not, be greyed out so you can't progress beyond that screen. If you can't progress, you can't make a booking.

Mystery bookings appear. On those occasions I was able to proceed, every now and then the app would to try to make a booking I did not initiate, or even want. This is quite an odd bug. I would hit reload to find out the status of my booking (which is itself a bad way to do it), and occasionally, I would see a booking I did not make.

Of the three locations in the screenshot above, 21A Lorong 7 is the only one that I can claim to be responsible for. The other two were mysteriously assigned to me by the app.

Trapped in Toa Payoh. No matter where I might be physically, the app thinks I'm in Toa Payoh. Nothing I do has convinced it otherwise. If I want to know what the address of my current location is, I look it up on Google.

Bookings disappear. If the booking gets cancelled for any reason, you are not informed. Your booking simply vanishes from the system and you are left with the message "You have no booking with us" when you hit the refresh button. It happened to me twice in a row while I was rushing for a wedding dinner a week ago.

Awful interface. The "Go" button on the soft keyboard does sweet fanny adams. And as mentioned earlier, you have to keep hitting "refresh" to see an updated status of your booking because the app does not load your new status for you automatically.

For it's own sake, Comfort should fix the app because when people can't use it, they simply do what I do, which is to call the Comfort booking line. This just adds on to the phone load at the call centre. In addition, it must be more expensive to have a human answer a call than it is to queue a request from the iPhone app (Ironically, when I was forced to call the cab on Saturday afternoon,  an ad by Comfort was encouraging me download the iPhone app "for my convenience.")

Comfort's Taxi Booking app is a great idea with tremendous potential. I hope Comfort sees that too and fixes the problem

(What is your experience with Comfort's Taxi Booking app? Let us know in the comments!)

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Wee Soon said...

From: Maven Lab Apps Team

Hi All, the current Taxi Booking App is having some problem with OS4.

We have already uploaded the patch to iTunes store and is pending for approval.:)

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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Derrick said...

There is a new update for Comfort Delgro's Taxi. It is just available this morning. The update mention fix location for iOS4

Shanx said...

The app is still badly "broken" or at least terribly designed.

1. How does one Add to Favorites? Not clear. No button, anywhere in the app.

2. Why can't the app remember the last three locations without the cumbersome login? What an idiotic commercial choice. Browsers and apps have cookies. They can save some info on the person's device.

3. The "Locate Me" button NEVER, EVER works.