Wednesday, July 21, 2010

M1's iPad price plans start at $21.40 a month. No contract needed.

M1 is the first local telco to poke its head out of the trenches with its iPad data plans. M1 is offering two post-paid data plans, Data Lite and Data Unlimited.

Date Lite's monthly subscription is $21.40 for 3GB of data, capped at $51.36 while Data Unlimited's monthly subscription is $39.48 with no cap on data.

Both plans come with no contract which means you can cancel them any time.

M1 is also offering a $20 pre-paid plan for 1GB of data or 30 days.

Click here to see the M1 page.

(Note: If this is anything like the launch of the iPhone 3GS, expect the rates to change in response to competition from the other telcos.) Check iMerlion regularly to see the latest changes.

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Charles said...

Taking a plan looks much better in that case

Charles said...

Moreover a careful look at Singtel BBOM show that one can have 50GB for 38$ monthly on plans (micro SIM).

I have a 50GB monthly BBOM on my iPhone for 20$ per month.
But I got it before iPhone was out in Singapore and telcos thought "hey we can charge more for Apple bytes than normal bytes.

Looks like they are again trying to make more money with the iPad bytes.