Friday, July 23, 2010

M1 reduces prices on iPad unlimited data plan

M1 has jumped into the fray proper. It has just lowered the monthly subscription of its Data Unlimited plan to $36.38 a month, down from $39.48.

(Update: If you've signed up under the old plan, you will be eligible for the new price.)

This makes M1 technically the cheapest carrier for unlimited data. It is cheaper than StarHub by 30 cents a month. However, SingTel's offer of 50GB of data for $34.50 a month is cheaper and at 50GB it is, for all intents and purposes, unlimited.

(Update: Note that it is conceivable that you could use up 50GB of data a month on your iPad if you download YouTube videos all day and all night. If you plan to do that, M1 is definitely cheaper. SingTel has put a cost cap of $94.16 if you exceed 50GB).

A comparison of available plans is below. Old plans have been struck through so you can see the changes.

Post-paid monthly subscription plans for unlimited data

StarHub, 24-month contract: $43.66 (with mobile broadband modem)
StarHub, no contract: $36.68 (new)
SingTel, 24-month contract: $30.50 (50GB)
SingTel, no contract  1-month: $34.50 (50GB. Cap is $94.16)
M1, no contract: $39.48  $36.38

(SingTel's plans are compared here because at 50GB, they are pretty much unlimited.)

Post-paid monthly subscription plans with data cap

M1, no contract: $21.40 (3GB), usage cost cap is $51.36

Pre-paid plans

StarHub: $32 for 60 days of usage up to 2GB 2.5GB
SingTel: $12.60 for 3 days of usage, unlimited data
SingTel: $24.50 for 7 days of usage, unlimited data (new)
SingTel: $49.50 for 30 days of usage, unlimited data (new)
M1: $20 for 30 days of usage up to 1GB.

Note: These prices are accurate at the time of publication at 3pm on July 23. However, in the event of a price war, these prices are likely to change. Please check the iMerlion website for the latest story on the price war.

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