Thursday, July 22, 2010

M1 kicks iPhone 4 efforts up a notch

M1 is getting serious about the iPhone 4 launch next week. It has just started sending out mass emails to people who have previously indicated an interest in getting an iPhone 4 from the carrier.

The email asks recipients to fill up a form by July 25 confirming their IC numbers, mobile numbers and to indicate whether they are seeking a new line or re-contracting.

Today, all three carriers also gave verbal confirmations to various news outlets like CNET Asia that they would be launching the iPhone 4 next Friday.

No other details about the iPhone 4's Singapore launch have been released. However, there are strong indications that at least SingTel will be doing a midnight launch of the iPhone 4 to capitalise on the tremendous interest in the device. A memo purportedly from Yuen Kwan Moon, SingTel's EVP of the Consumer Group Office, was leaked onto the HardwareZone forum yesterday and picked up by local bloggers. The memo, if genuine, suggests plans for a midnight launch. (The memo is so tame and lacking in genuine news that it doesn't seem likely that anyone would bother to take it.)

(Tip of the hat to James Yeo!)

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