Saturday, July 24, 2010

M1 has cheapest 3G data plans for iPad per GB

Now that the dust has settled, we've had time to look more closely at the 3G data price plans offered to iPad owners by the different carriers. Looking at their offerings, it is clear that for extremely heavy data users, M1 currently has the cheapest 3G post-paid plan.

Based on a 100GB of data a month (chosen mainly because I know how to divide by 100), M1's Data Unlimited plan comes up to 36 cents per GB, just pipping StarHub's iPad specific plan by 1 cent. The most expensive carrier is SingTel's whose plan costs 94 cents per GB. (This is based SingTel's cost cap of $94.16)

Among pre-paid plans, StarHub is the leader when you look at plans with data limits. StarHub's cost per day is 53 cents, compared to M1's 67 cents. StarHub also leads per GB, clocking in at 21 cents versus 67 cents for M1.

However, for heavy data users, SingTel's offerings are untouchable, mainly because the other carriers do not offer unlimited pre-paid plans. The 30-day plan is the cheapest at $1.65 a day.

Since my HTML skills do not extend to tables of any kind, you can see the calculations in the Google Docs spreadsheet here.

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adib said...

What's the difference between M1's iPad plan ($21.40, 3GB bundle) and just subscribing to their dongle plan ($22.4, unlimited + free loan of USB dongle) ? Granted you need to cut the SIM card down to size yourself, but that's only a small inconvenience.

adib said...

PS: My gf uses the M1 dongle plan and based on tests, the download speed is quite below 1Mbps, and thus she concluded that its not worth upgrading to the more expensive (supposedly faster) plans.

ahuva said...

Pardon the naive question,but does the availability of a modem with the Starhub Maxmobile Ultimate plan mean that I can use both an iPhone and an iPad under the same ~$43 rate?

Jimmy Yap said...

@adib. With the M1 Dongle plan, you have to sign a contract I believe.

@ahuva Good question. You might have to call starhub on this. There are a few issues involved, for example, do you need to also sign up for a multi-SIM plan? Also if you plan to get the iPhone 4, will StarHub give you 2 microSIMs?