Thursday, July 15, 2010

Round-up: Engadget says most don't have problems, Gizmodo says replacement iPhones fixes issues for some

Engadget collected reports from its staff and industry notables about their personal experience with the iPhone 4 in various cities in the US as well as in London.

Their conclusion? "As you'll see, most of our peers seem to be doing perfectly fine with their iPhone 4s, but the people who are having problems are having maddening issues in an inconsistent way."

And: "Ultimately, we just won't know what's really going on until Apple comes clean and addresses this issue (and the growing PR nightmare it's become), but for now we can say with some certainty that not everyone is affected, and those that are seem to be in the minority."

Gizmodo says some readers are reporting that after exchanging their original iPhone 4s for new ones, the problem went away. (Other readers are saying that this has not happened to them though.)

Macworld reports that Apple is holding a press conference on Friday about the iPhone 4.

Meanwhile, Apple has released a beta version of iOS4 that changes the signal bar display. Cult of Mac has screenshots of other changes in the OS.

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