Wednesday, July 21, 2010

EpiCentre says only 2 iPads per customer

EpiCentre has sent out a mass email to people who had previously indicated an interest in buying the iPad. These customers will be limited to two iPads, and pick-ups have to be done on Friday, between 5pm and 9pm, or Saturday. All reservations have to be picked up at EpiCentre's store in ION Orchard.

Unfortunately, EpiCentre also managed to use the To field rather than the BCC field when sending out this mass email. Oops.

Update: People have started replying, but hitting the Reply-All button!

The full email, verbatim, is below:

Greetings Sir/Madam!!
We are happy to announce that the iPad Launch has been scheduled for this Friday, 23rd July at all our Stores across Singapore. For customers who had registered their interest, you are eligible for up to 2 iPads, either Wifi or Wifi+3G.
If you are still interested in purchasing an iPad, please email back to this address with your choice of up to 2 iPads from the models and sizes below. Prices have been indicated for your convenience.
Model                   Size      Price
iPad WIFI (only) 16GB - $728.00 
iPad WIFI (only) 32GB - $878.00
iPad WIFI (only) 64GB - $1,028.00

iPad WIFI+3G 16GB - $928.00
iPad WIFI+3G 32GB - $1,078.00
iPad WIFI+3G 64GB - $1,228.00
Please keep in mind that pre-order pick up time will be ONLY between 5pm-9pm on Friday, 23rd July and Saturday, 24th July, at EpiCentre ION stores ONLY

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