Thursday, July 22, 2010

Buying the iPad tomorrow? Here's what we recommend

Interest in the iPad is still high in Singapore even though Apple fanbois have already picked up their set from Sim Lim. Retailers have been fielding enquiries about the iPad ever since the local launch date was announced. No one knows how many units are in the pipeline but it looks like supply will be tight, at least on launch day. Based on all this, here's what we recommend if you plan to buy your iPad tomorrow:

1. You might be restricted to only one or two sets on launch day because of supply issues. If you plan to buy more than one set, bring a friend, just in case.

2. If you haven't reserved your set, go to a big store to ensure that you get the model you want. There are six models and it's not clear if all 30 stores will have all models.

3. Parkway Parade, Funan Digitalife Mall, IMM, VivoCity and Jurong Point have more than one store selling the iPad. They are your best bet for finding the model you want. (Click here for a full list of stores selling the iPad in Singapore.)

4. The iPad is still not being sold in the Singapore online Apple Store, but it might come Friday. However, given that Apple wants to see lines at retail outlets (makes for better press), don't bet on it.

5. Don't rush into a data plan, or at least, don't sign up for a 24-month contract immediately. StarHub still doesn't have an iPad specific plan and it is currently the most expensive carrier. I'm pretty sure they will try to be more competitive. While you're waiting for the price war (we all hope there will be one), get a contract that doesn't tie you down. Both M1 and SingTel have price plans without contracts. (Click here to see a comparison of 3G plans for the iPad)

Good luck tomorrow!

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