Thursday, July 15, 2010

AXA's iPhone app helps you record details after a car accident

AXA, the third largest motor insurer in Singapore, has just launched what looks like a useful iPhone app to help people file their motor claims. Called SmartClaims, the app helps motorists to record and submit accident details immediately after the incident.

"When an accident occurs, you may not remember what to do next. SmartClaims app is there to guide you – from recording the details to driving to your workshop for filing your claims," said Lucy Loh, the Head of Claims at AXA Insurance Singapore.

The app allows users to create multiple vehicle profiles, has a map displaying all AXA Premium Workshops and reminds users to take photographs of the accident scene and vehicle. It also gives quick
access to AXA’s 24-hour towing service.

Singapore is the first market in Asia to get this app. AXA has plans to launch SmartClaims in other markets in Asia soon.

SmartClaims is free but you obviously need to have a motor insurance policy with AXA for this app to make sense.
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