Saturday, July 31, 2010

Apple's iPhone 4 case app now available in Singapore App Store

If you have an iPhone 4, you qualify to get a free case. You'll have to download the iPhone 4 case program app from the App Store, fill in your details, and Apple will ship your case to you.

Here is the link to the app.

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Junda said...

I ordered the Belkin case, and it is coming on 9th Sept!

Anyone know which case is better? Hope i made a fine choice.

TheSacredSoul said...

I ordered my Vaja more than 2 weeks ago and just ordered my iPhone from Apple store yesterday. Looks like Ill get them both in the same week. My idea was to get the phone first with a bumper and use it till the Vaja arrives. Oh well. I like the Speck HD though. Looks good.