Monday, July 19, 2010

Apple makes Mustafa pull iPads off shelves

Irene Tham had a good story in the Sunday Times yesterday about people who buy grey market Apple products before their official launch in Singapore. In the story, she revealed that Mustafa and a few other retailers have stopped selling grey market iPads in Singapore because of pressure from Apple.

According to the story: ""Apple sent us a warning letter threatening to withdraw distributorship when the iPad launches here," said Mr Rafiq Ahmad, a manager at Mustafa."

Apple also managed to get other companies involved in the supply pipeline to stop facilitating grey market imports. "The Sunday Times understands that online shopping service provider Borderlinx sold "several" iPads to customers here in the first two weeks of iPad's US April launch, but had to stop as Apple weighed in.

"Apple declined to comment on the warning letters and how it stands to lose if such sales go on."

Apple has not been able to stop the trade in iPads at Sim Lim though. All you have to do is walk through the place to see iPads being sold at almost every other shop. And there is a booming market in iPad cases in Sim Lim as well as other places around Singapore.

(By the way, in case you missed is, yours truly was quoted in the sidebar of that story 'iPhone 4 flying off grey market shelves too'. The focus was on the $3,999 I was quoted at Sim Lim for an iPhone 4. Fame and fortune await.)

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Lim Thye Chean said...

No wonder when I go to Mustafa last week, they don't have iPad for show.

When I asked them about the iPad prices, they were very secretive and show me the price list hidden behind a calendar!

Jimmy Yap said...

They must be trying to get rid of their stock!

Andy Croll said...

I wouldn't mind, given the gouging and 'foreigner tax' that are inevitable when I go shopping at Sim Lim or Lucky Plaza.

But isn't the official launch due in July? Shouldn't we have heard something by now?

Jimmy Yap said...

We are certainly running out of days in July. Maybe more will be revealed at the next earnings report tele-conference.