Saturday, June 26, 2010

Review: Tech 21's iBand case for the iPhone

Note: We have negotiated a special offer for iMerlion readers. If you want to buy the Tech 21 iBand iPhone case, you can get it for S$30 if you call +65 6509-4484 and order it using the promo code iMerlion. (This is a S$10 discount over the retail price.)

iMerlion gets a very small cut from each sale. For more on the case, read on.

Tech 21's iBand case.

The other day, I dropped my iPhone onto the ground. Repeatedly. I let it fall from my hand. I tossed it at a guy 2.5 metres away who failed to catch it. I held it over my head and I dropped it. And all this while, the video on it was running. Have a look below:

I was able to do this because my iPhone was protected by Tech 21's iBand case. The case is made from some weird material known as d3o that stiffens on sudden impact. There's a great video on YouTube showing how the material protects some guy's finger as it gets whacked repeatedly by a hammer. Check it out here.

A local company now has the distribution rights for it and they are selling it in Singapore. The company gave me a case to try and I've been using it for a few weeks now. I have to say that I like it a lot. Here's why:

- The iBand protects without being bulky (a problem I've had with an older case).

- It has a lip around the edge, which is vital because this prevents the glass front from shattering if it falls face down.

- It is easy to attach an external battery because of the opening at the bottom.

- Buttons on the side and top are easy to access because there are holes cut through.

- The material doesn't feel rubbery, so slipping it in and out from the front pocket of my pants is pretty easy. (Rubbery cases stick to the fabric of the pocket, making it very hard to take them out when you need them.)

The opening is wide enough to attach external batteries that have built-in connectors.

The iBand comes in black or white and is meant for the iPhone rather than the iPod touch. If you are looking for a case that has the qualities above, the iBand is the case to get.

The iBand sells for $40 in the stores but I've arranged it so that if you buy it over the phone or through its website, and you cite "iMerlion" as the promo code, you get to buy it for the special price of $30. (Note that I get a cut from the sale, but I wouldn't be putting my name to this if I didn't believe in the product).

To buy, either call 6509-4484 or go to the website here.

The back of the iBand case.


Tua Tau said...

tried calling the number, but can't get the right person. is this a store that we can go and brwose and buy?

sounds like a logistics company....

Jimmy Yap said...

Ask for Jordan Cabanag if you have problems. It is a logistics company but they are doing this on the side.