Wednesday, June 30, 2010

iPhone 4 now available at Sim Lim Square. Only costs $4,000.

A shrink-wrapped iPhone 4 box on display in a Sim Lim Square shop.

Now I have proof I look stupid. While walking around Sim Lim Square today, some guy wanted to charge me 4,000 smackeroos for an iPhone 4.

It was a shop on the ground floor. The guy behind the counter said they had the iPhone 4. When I asked how much, he took out a calculator and punched out "3,999". I walked out.

Yes, the iPhone 4 is now available in Singapore. It's not as common as the iPad (also not yet launched in Singapore) but look carefully in Sim Lim Square and you'll find them. I went on a quick walkabout today and found at least two shops which had iPhone 4 boxes inside display cabinets.

Fortunately, the other retailers I asked didn't attempt to slit my throat. However, the lowest price I got was still an eyebrow-raising $2,300 (from a different shop on the ground floor). Another shop on the first floor quoted me $2,350.

Unfortunately, even if you fork over the cash, you apparently still won't be able to use the iPhone, at least, not fully. The guy on the ground floor told me that his set was carrier-locked, but that a software unlock would be available next month. The other guy said his set was "jailbroken", but explained that SingTel et al didn't offer micro-SIMs yet so the people who bought the iPhone 4s from him used their data micro-SIMs instead. 

The iPhone 4 is launching in Singapore sometime in the next 30 days, and I'm sure the carriers will subsidise the price heavily. As a result, there doesn't seem to be a point in buying the somewhat dubious, grey market iPhones if you live in Singapore. But I guess it's a different matter if you live someplace which won't be getting the iPhone 4 anytime soon.

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Jack Chen said...

SLS is lying through their teeth. Singtel et al, apparently, already offers micro-sims.

Mugunth Kumar said...

Jack Chen,
SingTel and others are offering only data plan enabled microsims. No voice available on them though...

ghoonk said...

Jimski, know any other shops that sell iPhone 4 yet? :)

Jimmy Yap said...

Sorry man. Only those two. You might want to wait a few weeks until the iPhone 4 is launched in Singapore.

Vikram said...

You can buy micro sim cutters on eBay to make your regular size sim micro.

Ramanathan said...

one shop sells it for 1500S$.. donno the shop name..

dew dew said...

I was almost cheated of $515 2 days ago at sim lim. I have proof that I was real stupid. lol. my most recent entry reflects that.