Thursday, June 10, 2010

1 in 10 in Singapore have iOS device, highest penetration in the world

You know how it seems like every other person on the MRT is peering at their iPhone or iPod touch? Well, now we have confirmation of how iPhone-crazy Singapore is. According to calculations, one in 10 people in Singapore have an iOS device, making Singapore the country with the highest penetration in the world.

Developer Nelso has taken the numbers from Ad Mob (for April 2010) and Wikipedia to calculate iPhone penetration in different countries. Ad Mob says that there are 480,950 iOS devices in Singapore while Wikipedia puts Singapore's population down at 4,987,600. That gives Singapore has a penetration rate of 9.64 per cent.

What's more remarkable is that penetration in Singapore is so much higher than elsewhere. Australia, at number 2 spot, has a penetration rate of 6.96 per cent. Behind Australia is the UK with 6.11 per cent,  Switzerland at 5.94 per cent and the US at 5.91 per cent.

For those interested, the breakdown in iOS devices for Singapore is as follows: 402,922 iPhones, 76,575 iPod Touches and 1,453 iPads. (Nelso also points out that these numbers are likely to be lower than reality because Ad Mob only measures requests to its ad network.)

Other interesting numbers from Ad Mob (note: this is for April, before the international iPad launch in late May):

Singapore has more iPhones than Spain (377,346) or Switzerland (399,364) and more iPads than Australia (1,400).

There are more iPads in Hong Kong (2,306) than in Japan (2,293).

China holds the number 2 spot for number of iPads (12,516) in the world. Even though it is number 2, it is very far behind US, the runaway leader. The US has 10.7 million iPhones, 7.4 million iPod touches and 223,269 iPads.

Check out the Nelso Blog here and Ad Mob's original numbers here.

(via Preetam Rai)

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