Thursday, April 15, 2010

First local iPad game?

Lim Thye Chean might be the first Singapore developer to have an iPad game in the App Store. Called Doodle War HD, this arcade game uses graphics done by his daughter Xin Quan when she was 5 years old. The game was originally made for the iPhone but has been reworked for the larger screen size of the iPad.

The first version of Doodle War HD was rejected by Apple because it was only playable in one portrait orientation (i.e. with the home button at the bottom). After reworking the game to be playable in either portrait orientation, this game was approved. (The game was not reworked to be playable in landscape mode.)

Besides the higher resolution images, this game differs from the iPhone version in that the iPad version was written using the Quartz2D graphics engine while the iPhone version uses the Cocos2D game engine. According to Thye Chean, he had planned to use Cocos2D for the iPad version but the graphics stuttered when it ran on the iPad simulator. "My guess is the simulator might not work that well with OpenGL code and in real life it might just run as smooth as the iPhone version," said Thye Chean. "But I don't dare to try without first testing on the real thing."

Doodle War HD is free US$0.99 but you will need an iPad to play it. The iPhone version is here.



Teo.Stinger said...

It's not free. It cost $0.99. Just checked it on app store.

Jimmy Yap said...

Fixed. Thanks!

Lim Thye Chean said...

The game is initially free.

Lim Thye Chean said...

I finally bought an iPad to test the game performance! While the game is initially running at 15fps in simulator, it is actually running at 50fps on the real hardware!

I ported the Cocos2D version to iPad and have just submitted it for approval.