Monday, March 1, 2010

NTU falls behind NUS in iPhone arms race

NTU may be short for Nanyang Technological University but it is the university's long-time rival, the National University of Singapore, that is streaking ahead technologically, at least in terms of iPhone apps.

Currently, NUS has not one but two iPhone apps dedicated to the university. The latest, called NUSguide, has a handy guide to the internal bus schedules and also gives users the ability to look for lecture theatres, eating establishments and facilities around campus.

NUSguide is the second guide to NUS, the first being an app called NaviNUS. As a result, NUS undergraduates are practically swimming in iPhone apps.

In stark contrast, the humble NTU undergrad has no iPhone app to rely on. This is despite the fact that NTU's campus appears to be about four times larger than NUS. One would imagine that there is a much greater need for a map of NTU than one for NUS.

There are a few possible reasons for NUS leadership in this area:

1. NUS undergraduates are more creative and enterprising than NTU undergrads.
2. NUS undergraduates have too much free time.
3. NTU undergraduates are overworked and have no time to waste on iPhone apps that don't bring in any money.
4. NTU undergraduates are so smart they don't need no stinkin' maps.

I don't know what the real reason is. What I do know is that visitors to NTU (including yours truly) desperately need a better map of the campus. Get with the programme NTU!


honcheng said...

to be fair, SMU is lagging behind too. :p

Jimmy Yap said...

True, though SMU doesn't really need a map, the campus is so small!

Mugunth Kumar said...

Yes, I think NTU guys have shit loads of work. Don't remind me those dreaded days

Vaisagh said...

traversity app on iphone

On said...

most of school units in NTU are under north/south spine (two inter-connected huge buildings) instead of everywhere in campus location style in NUS.