Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How the new Wireless@SG Connect apps work

I've had a chance to use the Wireless@SG connect app and it works.

I downloaded the SingTel version but I don't think it matters which of the three apps you download.

When you run the app, you have to fill in all the relevant details (provider, domain, username and password). The app then fetches a new configuration profile that you have to install on your iPhone.

You are then prompted to input your password again. And that's it. With this new profile, each time you enter a Wireless@SGx network, you will be logged in automatically.

Note that the profile will only log you in to a Wireless@SGx network. The additional 'x' signifies that the network supports Seamless and Secure Access.

I tested this by logging on to one Wireless@SGx network at my office. I then walked over to the nearby mall. My iPhone detected the new Wireless@SGx in the mall and automatically connected me. Pretty sweet. Looking forward to September when all hotspots will be enabled.


John said...


How did you get it to work?? Do I have to physically click on the "Wireless@SGx" SSID and then launch the app, or do I only have to switch on the wireless on the iPhone and let the profile do its work?

Jimmy Yap said...

Nope. I didn't have to. I just ran in the app in a Wireless@SGx hotspot. I was on 3g at the time when I ran the app to get the profile. However, once the profile is installed, it will connect to the Wireless@SGx network which will ask you for your password. After you input your password, you are logged in.

Let me know if it works for you.

pearll said...

Hi Jimmy,

I'm still running on the iPhone 3G (though I'll be getting the 4S come end of October), but for now I have problems connecting to SGx. It keeps asking for my password and despite me entering it multiple times, it does not connect. I have no problems with the normal wireless@sg with the same password and username. Please help.

Jimmy Yap said...

Hi Pearll, I'm sorry. I've given up on using it so I can't help you.