Thursday, January 21, 2010

Learn to play music "scorelessly", use Chordica with new app

Joash Chee, the man behind the music app Chordica, has just released a new app to help Chordica users learn to play music.

The free Scoreless Music Hub was approved today, exactly a year after Apple first approved Chordica.  The app brings together a songs database and lesson modules to help Chordica users and students of Joash who are learning music using a technique he developed called the Scoreless Music Method.

In an interview with iMerlion, Joash talk about this new app, his plans for Chordica and alludes to a mysterious co-branded version of Chordica that is waiting in the wings.

Can you tell us, what is the Scoreless Music Hub? 

Scoreless Music has been operating on a shoestring budget and in order to progress, I have been leveraging on resources that are freely and easily used. Unfortunately, this sort of results in a haphazard scattering of student resources all over the Internet.

Scoreless Music Hub pulls everything together in an orderly manner, categorizing every student resource made available on the Internet in an easy-to-use interface.

It also allows me to launch my new 3-pronged initiative for Scoreless Music education. There are now 3 ways for people all over the world to receive Scoreless Music education.

- is the initiative to bring education modules onto handheld devices. We are starting first with iPhone educational apps as well as devices that can stream online media like the YouTube tutorial videos

- is the new initiative that allows anyone with a computer and modern web browsers to access lesson modules at their own time and pace

- is a directory of all classes conducted in Singapore, including any programme by other organisations that incorporate Scoreless Music material

This format should allow expansion by franchising the physical school to other countries resulting in,,, etc

With such expansion in mind, Hub keeps a person in touch with all the latest developments without having to surf all over the web for it. Ideally, the official website will reflect this functionality.

What were the challenges in creating this app?

The great guys at 2359media were responsible for creating Hub. I don't have the intimate details on how it was finally approved or how long it took upon resubmission. All I know is that the first submission was rejected due to 'excessive data requirements'. The Hub app explicitly requires an active Internet connection since it updates its song database and every other directory in it on launch.

Can you give us an insight into your plans for Chordica? 

We are nearing a final release for CHORDiCA Touch. I believe you should have seen the latest video where CHORDiCA Touch 'speaks for itself'. We are now just ironing out some bugs with the Vocal Coach feature. The concept is simple to explain but tricky to implement well.

Once we are done with Touch, we are going to update the original CHORDiCA to bring it up to Suite (incorporating KeyFinder and ChordChanger tech). Then we will be working on an interim CHORDiCA version with as-yet unseen design innovations that should bridge the current CHORDiCA with the ambitious Pro version.

It is quite likely that another special interim version will be launched co-branded with a music artist who is also into using radical tech for songwriting and performance.

Note: Scoreless Music Hub is free. It can be downloaded here.

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