Wednesday, October 14, 2009

SG Buses 2.0 Now Available

SG Buses has received a major update and it's well worth the wait.

The best feature of the new SG Buses is how it handles bus arrival times. While other bus guides only tell you when the next bus (of a particular service) is coming to a certain bus stop, SG Buses will give you the timing for the bus after that as well.

In addition, it can also tell you when that service number is scheduled to arrive at any or all bus stops on its route.

Bookmarking a bus service is a little complex though. You have to do a long swipe to the right to add a bus stop to the bookmarks.

Other features in this update include location awareness and a unified search engine that will search for bus services, bus stops and roads.

The app's location awareness is quite cool. Apart from sorting all bus stops by distance from your location, a mini-compass tells you where those bus stops are relative to you.

Muh Hon Cheng has done a great job with SG Buses 2.0 and it will definitely occupy a slot on my iPhone's homescreen.

SG Buses is free and is available on the App Store here.

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