Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 2 Report: No Queues (So Far) At SingTel

The lunchtime crowd at SingTel's temporary outlet at Bugis Junction. Picture taken at 1.30pm today.

Based on my highly scientific random sample of two entire SingTel shops today, it looks like things are back to normal, iPhone-wise.

There were no queues at the SingTel shops at Bugis Junction or Jurong Point this morning. The shop assistant at Bugis assured me that there were enough stocks available if I wanted to buy a 3GS. The guy at Jurong Point was more circumspect and would only say that while there were no queues then, he could not promise that stocks would still be available later. "The crowd is very unpredictable," he said. Because of the long queues yesterday, he left the shop at 10.30pm, one and a half hours after he was supposed to knock off, he told me.

So far, Twitter also appears to be free of complaints about having to queue for an iPhone, very different from yesterday.

It looks like the people who have been waiting for an iPhone since July took no chances and rushed to buy their iPhones yesterday, the first day of availability, to ensure they would not be left empty handed if stocks ran out quickly as it did last month. Some people online claimed to have queued for five hours yesterday for their set.

Of course I could be wrong and I could have picked the only two outlets without a queue in Singapore. And it is still early. Let's see how the rest of the day plays out.

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