Friday, October 16, 2009

Arcade game written by 10-year-old gets approval, but you can't have it

Invader War, the arcade game developed by (now) 10-year-old programming prodigy Lim Ding Wen has been given approval by Apple but you won't be able to download it unless you have an account with Apple's US App Store.

The app was approved on Wednesday and made available in the US that day. However it has yet to reach the Singapore App Store, even after two days.

The delay in propagating Invader War to the different app stores around the world is more evidence that Apple is struggling to handle the explosive growth of apps. The company's most recent count put the total number of apps at 85,000, a number which is most certainly outdated by now.

Invader War is a neat alien-killing arcade-type game that was originally written in Javascript and then ported over the iPhone. It was submitted to Apple on the boy's 10th birthday, meaning that he worked on this game when he was 9.

This is Ding Wen's second iPhone app. His first was Doodle Kids, which made news globally when he became known as the world's youngest iPhone developer.

In related news, Doodle War, an arcade game developed by Ding Wen's father has also been given the green light. Doodle War uses graphics created by the boy's 5-year-old sister Xin Quan.

Doodle War is a simplified port of a game was originally written in Java for the Android platform. According to Lim Thye Chean, the boy's father, he wrote the Java game to inspire his son but also to ensure that his son could not simply copy the code.

Naturally, Doodle War is not yet in the Singapore App Store either.

Update: 1.20pm, 17 Oct 2009: After a three-day wait, both apps are now in the app store, thanks (most probably) to a neat trick suggested by Willson Cuaca of Xsago. Download Invader War and Doodle War here.


Willson said...

It happened to me too :)

Follow below steps :

1) Click Edit Information for the app in the Manage Your Applications module in iTunes Connect
2) Select the Pricing tab
3) Do not make any changes and click "Save Changes"

It will appear in SG store within hours

Jimmy Yap said...

Nice tip! Thanks! I will pass it on!

limtc said...

Thanks Wilson!

I have tried something similar 3 days ago though - the only difference is step 3, which I check whether ALL countries are selected (just to confirm), before clicking "Save Changes".

I just retried your steps on the 3 apps and see whether we can get the applications updated by today.

limtc said...

It seems to work!

Invader War is finally up! Right now I am still waiting for Doodle War, even though the same technique is applied.

limtc said...

Thanks everybody for the help!

Invader War is for the more mature audience but designed from a kids point of view. Doodle War is designed primary for little kids. Hope you all will enjoy it!

limtc said...

Some developers (not me) received the letter from iTunes Connect team. This works for me except for China store (which appeared a week later):


In order to have your application live in all worldwide stores, please follow the below steps:

1) Click Edit Information for your app in the Manage Your Applications module in iTunes Connect
2) Select the Pricing tab
3) Do not make any changes and click "Save Changes"

Once you perform these steps, your app will be live in all worldwide stores within 24 hours. If you do not see your app live after 24 hours, please let us know.