Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Apple's Q4 2009 Results: Record Sales

Apple has just reported its most profitable quarter ever, with record Mac and iPhone sales, though iPod sales dropped.

Summary of results below:

Revenue: $9.87b  vs $7.9b a year ago
Net profit: $1.67b ($1.82 per diluted share) vs $1.14b ($1.26 per diluted share) a year ago
Gross margin: 36.6 percent vs 34.7 percent
International sales: 46 percent of total revenue
Non-Gaap Sales: $12.25b
Non-Gaap Income: $2.85b

Unit sales
Mac: 3.05m (up 17 percent from a year ago)
iPod: 10.2m (down 8 percent from a year ago)
iPhone: 7.4m (up 7 percent from a year ago)

Full press release

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