Monday, July 20, 2009

$300 to upgrade if you're half-way through 2-year contract

If you have an iPhone 3G and you want to upgrade to a 3GS, you will only need to pay $300 to recontract if you have served at least 12 months out of the 24-month contract.

If you have served at least six months, but not quite 12 months, the recontracting penalty is $600, said SingTel spokesman Chia Boon Chong in response to queries from iMerlion.

For people who bought their iPhone 3G when it launched last August, SingTel is treating the contract as being 12 months old, even though it is actually one month shy of a full year.

SingTel had previously told some iPhone 3G owners that they were eligible to pay $300 to recontract (instead of the normal $600) but that this offer would only be valid during the weekend launch of the 3GS. This was subsequently extended to the end of the month.


Mart said...

Actually, it's a $300 top-up 12 month equipment upgrade. Thus, it's for any phone, not just the 3GS. These are for the Flexi plans, I believe. Not sure if you have an iPhone with other plans, like Classic or iOne/Two/Three plans.

I was a bit taken aback when I read that on my photocopied contract. Serves me right for blindly signing it. :P

Jimmy Yap said...

I have an iTwo plan and it applied to me so I guess the upgrade fee cuts across.

As for blindly signing contracts, who actually reads these contracts, especially if you've had to wait six hours to get to the front of the queue?

Tobi said...

So you just go there with the 3G and charger, give them 300 and get a 3GS? That's pretty cool compared to other countries.

Then the contract will again be 2 years right?

By the way, thanks for keeping this Blog, it is nice to have localized info on iPhone stuff. :-]

Jimmy Yap said...

Not quite. You pay the $300 to break your old contract with SingTel. You still have to pay whatever the amount is (depending on the plan you sign up for) for the handset. However, if you are willing to sign up for the most expensive plan, you get the handset free!

And thanks for the kind words on the blog. Glad you like it!

Mart said...

@ Jimmy Yap:

Haha true! I waited 5 hours, on a weekday night no less, for the iPhone 3G at Tampines Hello Store, a feat which I promise myself I will never do again.

@ Tobi:

The $300 is on top of the price of the phone. Previously, a 12-month handset upgrade is $100 additional; now it seems like it's $300. :(