Thursday, November 20, 2008

Griffin's Clarifi available in Singapore

Just bought mine from the EpiCentre store at Wheelock Place. There were only two left when I got there so I'm guessing it's very popular. I've tried it out and it works as advertised. 

Griffin's Clarifi is a polycarbonate case with a built-in macro lens that allows you to take shots of barcodes, business cards etc. The results are actually readable. Not cheap though. While it will cost you US$35 from the US Online Apple Store (it's not available on the Singapore Apple Store), epicentre is selling it for S$69. (I managed to get a 10 percent discount because like the sad person that I am, I spend more money than I should at EpiCentre, and as a result, I am a member of some club or other that gets me discounts there).

For more Clarifi, check out Griffin's website. iLounge has an excellent review with lots of photos. See also the Flickr page for shots taken by the macro lens on the Clarifi case.

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