Sunday, November 23, 2008

Free beer with your app

Download an app, get a free beer. I can hear the stampede already. 

A new local restaurant guide, buUuk, comes with an e-coupon for free beer at BQ Bar. There are two catches. The first is that you can only use the coupon once. The second is that you have to use the coupon before it expires, and it is currently not clear when the offer expires.

The free iPhone app has over 4,000 restaurants and bars around Singapore in its massive database. You can look for restaurants by food type, you can look up top rated restaurants, or if you're not so fussy, you can look for restaurants near where you are. You can also use the search function to find restaurants in a particular area, say Holland Village, or if you like, restaurants that serve pizza in Holland Village. Impressive.

After you select a restaurant, you can read reviews and blog posts about the place. There's also a handy map to help you locate the restaurant. The map gives you both your current location (indicated by the letter 'U') and the restaurant's location. If you don't know how to get there, tap on Directions and you will be sent to Google Maps and you can get either walking or driving directions.

I've been playing around with the beta version for a while and it is pretty solid. In food-mad Singapore, I'm pretty sure this will take off. The free beer will certainly help.

Download this free app here.


Jon said...
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Jon said...

Hi Jimmy, thanks for the mention. We probably need to work to make this clearer. Some of the offers in buUuk, like the free beer offer, are one time only offers. The offer runs until the establishment chooses to stop it. But a user can only redeem it once (after all there's only so much free beer in the world....). The user has 5 minutes after loading the e-voucher to show it to the establishment staff, after which it will expire. Users get a warning that with this type of offer they should be in the establishment before loading the voucher.

We're looking forward to user feedback now that we've launched, to help us make this process as elegant as possible for the user, while allowing bars and restaurants to be able to run creative and flexible offers.



Jimmy Yap said...

"Only so much free beer in the world." Words to break anyone's heart.

Actually, regarding the free beer, I was wondering if the coupon could be pulled at any time. (Actually, that was what I meant in my original post.) After all, after giving out the first 10,000 free beers next Friday, the bar might decide that this e-coupon is a little too effective...