Friday, November 21, 2008

Early notes on 2.2

Safari seems snappier. Tapping on the address bar pulls it up almost instantly now. Streetview is fast and extremely cool (but I have to say that 1 Infinite Loop looks exceedingly dull. Note that there's no Streetview for Singapore yet). You can now turn off auto-correct and auto-capitalisation (can't remember if you could do the latter before). And hitting the home button if you are on one of your many other home pages takes you to the first page. Nice.

Remember not to update if you've got a jailbroken iPhone. Otherwise, have fun.

Update: Jon Petersen of iSinGeo points out that you can now search by postal code. Type in Singapore followed by the six-digit code and Maps will locate the place. Much faster than typing the full address. Thanks for that note Jon.

Maps related update: Jon's SinGeo website has a cool map of Singapore showing the ability of do reverse geocoding on Google Maps. Click anywhere on the map and it it will actually pull up the address of the spot. Quite uncanny.


Jon said...

Working well for me so far Jimmy. No streetview yet for Singapore, but walking directions are in there. Also the improved geocoding for Singapore in Google Maps means that if you drop a pin, the new display address feature will often give you the complete address of the location including 6 digit postcode.

Jimmy Yap said...

Thanks for pointing that out. I've just tried it and I'm getting mixed results. If I type in my old address (32 Hooper Road), I don't get my postal code (I get Singapore 22, which might be the old postal code). However, if I type in Singapore 229209, it finds the place in Google Maps.

Walking directions look good! (Not that I do that much walking I have to confess...)

Jon said...

I know this is pretty dumb and shouldn't be necessary but try typing in 32 Hooper Road Singapore and see what you get. Google Maps suffers from the same glitch, without "Singapore" at the end of the address results can be a bit hit and miss.

Jimmy Yap said...

Hey Jon, you're right. Putting Singapore at the end like that gave me the right postal code. How odd. still I actually appreciate the ability to search by post code because that's a fast way to find a place. Much faster than typing -- 32, Hooper Road, Singapore.

Jimmy Yap said...

BTW, nice job on the reverse geo-coding map of Singapore. Amazing to be able to get addresses like that. I've mentioned this in an update to the original post.