Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Speck's ToughSkin now in Singapore

Paranoid iPhone owners can now rejoice. Epicentre at Wheelock Place is now stocking Speck's ToughSkin for $49. Bought it yesterday and I love it. My old $15 macmosphere seems shockingly inadequate in comparison. The grooves on the side of the ToughSkin make it easy to hold while the thick rubberised exterior feels like it can handle bumps and drops. I'm much less worried about lending my iPhone to my 9-year-old son now. The downside is that ToughSkin makes the iPhone much thicker; the whole look is very industrial. Also, hitting the Q and P keys on the keyboard requires extra care because of the thick rubberised skin hugging the edge of the iPhone. These are tradeoffs I can live with though.

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