Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New iPhone firmware coming Friday; 100m downloads from App Store

Steve Jobs announced that Apple will be releasing the 2.1 firmware update for the iPhone on Friday. The update promises to:

1. Fix lots of bugs
2. Reduce dropped calls
3. Significantly improve battery life (hurray!)
4. Fix problems that are caused when you've gone App Store crazy and installed 200 apps on your iPhone (good news for my wife), and
5. Provide faster backups in iTunes (never had this problem)

Sadly I wasn't in San Francisco for the 'Lets Rock' event but MacDailyNews covered the event. Check out its quick summary here or watch the event for yourself here.

Apple also announced that more than 100 million apps have been downloaded from the App Store since its launch on July 11 (some 60 days ago). I'm sure my wife downloaded a significant proportion of that 100 million but it's still a pretty amazing number. Of course it helps that 20% of the 3,000-odd apps in the store are free and 90% cost less than US$10. (See full press release here.)

Apple would have definitely recorded more downloads if certain apps were more widely distributed (I'm talking about you, Google Mobile App!).

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